Scientific name

Undaria pinnatifida

Image of Wakame. The scientific name, Undaria pinnatifida. This image was taken by P. Watson.

Key features

Key features of Wakame include:

  • frilly growth (sporophyll) at base of plant
  • usually found in cooler months
  • well defined mid-rib running up length of blade
  • smooth, thin blades that stop well before base of plant
  • green/brown.


The Wakame:

  • found from low tide mark to 20m
  • rock, reef and stones, artificial structures (marinas, moorings, etc.) and aquaculture equipment.


The Wakame:

  • can rapidly colonise areas previously devoid of large algal species.

Known established populations

The Wakame is currently present in Port Phillip Bay, Apollo Bay harbour, Port Welshpool, Portland.

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Page last updated: 06 Jul 2023