Northern pacific Seastar

Scientific name

Asterias amurensis

Image of Northern pacific Seastar.  The scientific name, Asterias amurensis. This image was taken by J. Lewis.

Key features

Key features of Northern pacific Seastar include:

  • five arms with pointed upturned tips
  • yellow/orange with purple markings, yellow underneath
  • up to 50cm across when fully grown
  • aggregates in cooler months to spawn.


The Northern pacific Seastar:

  • found in bays, estuaries and reefs from high tide mark to 200m
  • found in a range of habitats including seagrass, mussel beds, artificial structures (marinas, ports, etc.) rock pools and rocky reefs.


The Northern pacific Seastar:

  • aggressive predator of native and commercial species including mussels, oysters and scallops
  • harms biodiversity, aquaculture and fisheries.

Known established populations

The Northern pacific Seastar is currently present in Port Phillip Bay.

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Page last updated: 06 Jul 2023