Cereal disease guide

2019 cereal disease management

A wet start to the season favoured disease early, but drier conditions during spring limited disease development in many areas.

Despite this, Agriculture Victoria (AgVic) field trials showed grain yield losses of up to 16% (0.7 t/ha) in situations where susceptible varieties were planted into infected stubble and fungicides were not applied.

This shows the importance of proactively managing diseases.

2020 cereal disease management

Cereal diseases will need proactive management during 2020 as there will be high levels of stubble-borne inoculum following limited breakdown over the summer.

The dry conditions during early summer will reduce the risk posed by rust and aphid spread viruses due to the limited green bridge, however, this may change if rainfall events continue in the lead up to sowing.

Soil-borne diseases are a risk to cereals and testing prior to sowing (PREDICTA B®) allows at risk paddocks to be identified and avoided.

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