Pulse disease guide

The Victorian pulse disease guide provides the latest information on disease management and the disease resistant ratings for pulse crops.

Season summary 2020

Good spring rainfall was conducive for many diseases, including botrytis grey mould in vetch and lentil and chocolate spot in faba bean. The late rainfall also caused chickpea ascochyta blight pod infection in some crops.

Agriculture Victoria field experiments demonstrated large increases in grain yield where diseases in susceptible chickpea, vetch and bean varieties were proactively managed using foliar fungicides.

2021 pulse disease management

There will be disease carryover into 2021 following high disease levels in 2020 crops. A proactive disease management strategy will reduce the risk of pulse diseases causing yield losses during 2021 and should include:

  1. avoiding planting the crops into or adjacent to paddocks where there is the same stubble present from 2020
  2. selecting resistant varieties where possible
  3. a fungicide management plan.

Summer rainfall during 2020/21 resulted in greater weed burdens and potentially more soil-borne disease. A PREDICTA®B test will identify paddocks at risk of many important soil-borne diseases.

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Page last updated: 23 Mar 2021