Pulse disease guide

The Victorian pulse disease guide provides the latest information on disease management and the disease resistant ratings for pulse crops.

2022 in review

The 2022 season was highly conducive for pulse diseases across Victoria, particularly botrytis grey mould in lentil, chocolate spot in beans, and sclerotinia white mould in lentil and vetch. Significant yield losses were observed where management was insufficient. These losses were because of two main factors; 1) the highly conducive season, including numerous rain days and above average rainfall resulting in high canopy humidity, and 2) varieties rated moderately resistant to moderately susceptible (MRMS) or more susceptible.

2023 pulse disease management

There will be a high risk of disease carryover into the 2023 season from infected seed and stubble of crops that had high disease levels in 2022. A proactive integrated disease management strategy will be required to reduce the risk of pulse diseases causing yield loss during 2023. This should include:

  • avoiding planting pulse crops into or adjacent to paddocks where there was disease during 2022,
  • sowing healthy vigorous seed,
  • using fungicidal seed dressings where applicable,
  • avoiding susceptible varieties where possible
  • implementing a fungicide management plan.

A later harvest and weed carryover will increase the risk of soil-borne diseases including root lesion nematodes and pythium. A PREDICTA®B test will identify paddocks at risk of some important soil-borne diseases of pulses.

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